Dear Valued Business Owner,

We are thrilled to announce an exciting development at Sierra Wave Media and Laughing Parrot Productions – we have made the switch to Classic Rock! With this change, we have also enhanced our signal, now broadcasting at a powerful 300 watts. This upgrade allows us to reach a wider audience and offer even greater exposure for your business through our advertising opportunities.

When you choose to advertise with Sierra Wave Media & Laughing Parrot Productions, your business will gain visibility across multiple platforms. Our comprehensive advertising package includes radio, Outside TV channel 3, YouTube, Rumble, social media, and a one-month promotion as a new advertiser with Sierra Wave at the prestigious Bishop Twin Theatre. This multi-channel approach ensures that your message reaches potential customers through various mediums, maximizing your brand’s exposure and impact.

However, there’s more to our advertising partnership than just promoting your business. By advertising with Sierra Wave, you contribute to a greater cause. We are committed to supporting after-school programs that teach journalism, broadcasting, television, and film to the next generation of aspiring media professionals. Your investment not only benefits your own business but also helps us in our mission to educate and inspire young minds.

Imagine the positive impact of empowering young individuals with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the media industry. Through your support, we can continue providing invaluable educational opportunities that foster creativity, critical thinking, and technological expertise. By joining forces with Sierra Wave, you demonstrate your dedication to both your business’s success and the development of future media professionals.

We invite you to seize this opportunity to make a difference while growing your brand. Let us help you achieve your advertising goals and simultaneously shape the future of media education. Together, we can build a vibrant and prosperous community that embraces innovation, talent, and a shared vision.

Reach out to us today to discuss our advertising packages in further detail. We are eager to collaborate with you and explore the endless possibilities that lie ahead. Help us help you, while paving the way for the next generation of media enthusiasts.

Thank you for considering Sierra Wave Media and Laughing Parrot Productions as your advertising partner. We look forward to embarking on this exciting journey together.



M.C. Hubbard and Jason Brown

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